About the Photographer

First, we meet face to face before you even book me to make sure we are a good fit for each other. 

Second, I've created a detailed planning process so we can plan what you want out of your wedding day before it's even here. 

Third, my unobtrusive, candid style keeps you from having no idea where to put your hands and has you all up in each other's business all day!

Let me help you make an incredibly relaxed and chill day! 

Hi I’m Karina! Here’s my story!

I didn’t get the images of my dreams…

A few years ago I was in your shoes! I got a photographer for our wedding day, and I had no idea what I was doing. We just found someone that looked like they had experience and just trusted they knew what they were doing.  I was the first wedding in my family, I had no idea what was normal or not. 

 My photographer made me feel stressed and uncomfortable with all the posing and lack of communication. And when I got my images back, I wasn't happy with the results and there wasn't anything I could do about it. 


I know how it feels to be worried about being awkward in front of the camera. In the end these are your images, this is your wedding day. I want you to feel safe and to have a place to go when nobody else knows the answers. I want you to look back at these images and see your story, not the poses we do. I want YOU to be behind everything on that day. I want to tell your story. 

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So, how do I do this?

I'm Karina Dopp
(ka-ree-nuh d-aw-puh)

I was raised in sunny California and met Dillon, the babe of my life, at college! I've also lived in Utah, and South Carolina, but we call Idaho our home. Growing up in the mountains made me love the Tetons so much that I decided to build my photography business out there!
It's never boring at the Dopp house. Dillon and I start and operate multiple businesses while raising our twin boys, taking our 2 dogs out on neighborhood runs, and trying to finish our home renovations. You could say we like to fill our plate... We love learning and listening to audio books mostly about business and self help. If we aren't doing business things we are out skiing, or watching the next best alternative to the Office. Although we are running out of options after 4 years....so send recommendations!!

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