About the Photographer

Your wedding day is the most important thing in the world. When we talk, I’m invested in every detail. We sit down together and make a detailed schedule that outlines the most important moments. On your special day we glide effortlessly through the motions. I’m there with you every step of the way and in the end you will have a perfect memory forever.

It’s important to me to get to know you and hear ALL the details of your wedding day so we can create a package that fits you best! 

Hi I’m Karina! Here’s my story!

A few years ago I was in your shoes! I just moved back to the west coast and I went on a vacation with my boyfriend. I went out with my friends and came back to my handsome dude strumming a song he wrote for me. When it was over, he got on one knee and asked me to marry him!

Flash forward

I didn’t get the images of my dreams…

This is why I’m here for YOU!

We were ecstatic to plan our wedding. Actually, lets be real, I was ecstatic to be planning, my fiancé just wanted to be married and get it over with. I had no idea how to find a photographer. I was asking people and looking at websites. My soon to be mother-in-law found someone and we hired them to capture the most important day in my life.

I was not contacted personally by my photographer, I didn’t know the plan, and I honestly didn’t even know her name until after the wedding happened.

That’s right…they done messed up… All I wanted was a first look picture and a few right in front of the building we got married in. I was stressed out, I was thinking about a billion things and the last thing on my mind was getting specific pictures. After all they were the expert right?

After waiting nearly 2 months for our images to come back, I was so disappointed. Most of the images have people in the background, and my favorite picture has an ugly concrete wall in the back. I could never get that day back. Those are the images I’m stuck with forever. Every time I look back at those pictures all I can think about is how badly I wish I got a different photographer. The actual emotions of June 10th, 2017, were beautiful! I’m glad that’s the only thing that went wrong. Imagine how much better I would have felt to have someone committed to getting every moment that was important to me as an individual.

Request detailed information and availibilty! 

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