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How to plan the Perfect Grand Teton Wedding

How to plan the Perfect Grand Teton Wedding:

  • Secure a Special Use Permit for your ceremony location
  • Pick a location
  • Pick a few fun things to do throughout the day
  • Hire local wedding vendors to make your experience run smooth and stress free!

When it comes to planning your perfect Grand Teton Wedding day, location is everything. If you’re nature buffs or simply appreciate gorgeous scenery, then Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park may be the perfect destination for you! 

It is known for its breathtaking landscapes, and presents an excellent backdrop for any couple. To build yourself a perfect Grand Teton wedding, you will need to choose a specific location and apply for a special permit. Keep reading to be guided through the permit process as well as selecting the ideal location.

Securing a Grand Teton Wedding Permit

Grand Teton has specific rules about what ceremony types are allowed. For example, Grand Teton only allows small, and undecorated ceremonies in order to preserve the natural landscape.

If that sounds alright to you, the next step is to get a $200 Special Use Permit (or a SUP) for your wedding. You can choose a SUP for two different types of ceremonies: a Small Dispersed Ceremony Permit or a Reserved Site-Specific Ceremony Permit. You need to apply for both permits at least 30 days in advance.

Grand Teton Small Dispersed Ceremony Permits

This permit allows you up to 12 people. Your ceremony can take place for one hour at any location unless it is specifically prohibited. (ex: Jenny Lake) There will be normal visitor activity during your ceremony, so be prepared for that! With this specific permit you are prohibited from using any commercial services such as hiring a commercial photographer, florist, or planner during the ceremony’s proceedings. 

Grand Teton Reserved Site-Specific Ceremony Permits

You can get this permit for the following six locations in the park: Mormon Row (North or South), Schwabacher Landing, Mountain View Turnout, Glacier View Turnout, Snake River Overlook, and Colter Bay Swim Beach. There can only be one ceremony per day per location, so plan accordingly! This specific permit allows for commercial vendors such as photography, florals & planners. 

For more information on permits and how to apply visit the Grant Teton Permits Office

Finding the Perfect Location for your Grand Teton Wedding:

Since you probably want a photographer present at your ceremony, let’s review some of the most beautiful approved settings in the park to help you make a decision for your Grand Teton wedding!

Mormon Row (North and South)

Grand teton engagment couple standing looking at mormon row barn

Mormon Row offers some of the most beautiful sights in Grand Teton! Two rustic barns rest against a mountain background surrounded by tall wild grass, making it the perfect place for a ceremony! Mormon Row North will allow up to 40 people and Mormon Row South is limited to 25 people. 

Schwabacher’s Landing

Grand Teton wedding, Swabacher's Landing wedding, couple walking

The #1 ceremony location in the park, getting a permit for this location might be a little competitive! This is a picturesque 1 mile trail on the east shore of Snake River. Your group size will be limited to 25 people. The river (especially at sunset) is absolutely beautiful! Without wind on a calm day, the pond perfectly reflects the sky and Grand Teton Range. Apply as early as possible to be one of the lucky 60 people to have these views! Permits sell out incredibly fast at this location.

Mountain View Turnout

Grand Teton Wedding, Mountain view turnout, couple running in field.

Like the name suggests, this is a stunning field to overlook the Teton Range. With the ranging fields and the picturesque Teton mountains, you will find this location one of the best for photos and a touching ceremony!

Glacier View Turnout

Grand Teton Wedding, Grand teton photographer, couple holding hands, glacier view turnout

This spot allows you to see both the impressive mountains in the Teton Range and the glaciers sheltered on the highest peaks. A popular pull off location on the side of the highway with a small parking lot!

Snake River Overlook

grand teton photographer, grand teton engagment, couple kissing

Snake River Overlook is one of the most beautiful spots in Grand Teton! It allows you to see the winding Snake River against a background of blue sky and a panoramic mountain view. With this location, you are sure to have a ceremony to remember.

Colter Bay Swim Beach

Grand teton engagment, couple kissing in water

This is a great location for a picnic along the shores of Jackson Lake. With the backdrop of a picturesque lake, pine trees, and the mountains, there really isn’t a better spot to feel connected to nature – and to your partner. This location also allows up to 40 guests rather than the standard 25.

With these wonderful locations (and the correct permit), you are sure to have a beautiful Grand Teton wedding! For more information on activities to do to fill your Grand Teton Wedding day visit The Top 10 things to do in Jackson Hole

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